Cement Pitch & Putt Club

Cement course is located just off the North road on the North side of drogheda.

Our Course is a tough test set on 6 acres.We have held the title of course of the year and have had 6 national champions over the years.We also have hosted several national finals. There are a large variety of shots with the shortest being 36 meters and the longest at 68 is the 18th. Our current course record is 39.

Our club was founded in 1969 and with lots of hard work we opened and were affiliated to the PPUI in 1972. We have One hundred members and offer under 16 coaching. Green Fees and outings are welcome when competitions are not in play, daily fees are 6 euros. Under 16 must be off course at six pm unless accompanied by an adult.

Our club captains for 2010 are George Beardsley and Jean Cooney.

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You can contact our club through

  • Secretary Oliver Thornton
  • Address - Cement Pitch & Putt Club Cement Rd, Killineer, Drogheda
    County Louth
  • Tel-087 6284394
  • Email Cement club secretary

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